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Update: The Qwest Field North Lot and Event Center Garage are sold out for single game parking. There are many other lots in the area that sell day of game parking, including the Safeco Field Garage, Home Plate Parking and Union Station Garage.

General Rules:

Due to NFL policy, no soft-sided containers, coolers, or large bags (bigger than 12" X 12" X 12") are permitted into Qwest Field on game days. Guests may bring in items in small, clear plastic bags. Event security is required to open all bags at the gates for
a visual inspection before allowing guests' entry.

Banners & signs are permitted in the stadium as long as they do not obstruct the view of guests or block stadium signage. Banners & signs must be event related, in good taste, and not commercial, political, or offensive in nature. All signs must be hand-held; signs on sticks larger than 18 inches are not permitted. Qwest Field reserves the right to remove any sign.


No bottles, cans or outside beverages (including water) are permitted in Qwest Field. Exceptions are made for baby bottles, health-related materials and unopened, soft-sided, single-serve containers (such as
small milk cartons, juice boxes, etc.)

Personal still photography is permitted during Seahawks games. However, flash photography, video cameras and support tools (such as tripods, large lens, etc.) are not allowed.



Qwest Field is ideally situated at the junction of I-5 and I-90, with parking for 3,100 automobiles onsite, 8,400 in surrounding lots, and 15,000 in lots downtown. Parking may be limited or restricted on game days, particularly in the International District and Pioneer Square where many lots are reserved for regular customers.

There are three parking lots managed by Qwest Field: the North Lot, Qwest Field Event Center Garage, and Union Station Garage. Lots managed by International Parking Management. The entrances to these three garages are as follows:

Qwest Field Event Center Parking Garage: Royal Brougham Way South, across from Safeco Field.

North Lot: 2nd Ave. South and South King Street Union Station: 4th Ave. South across from the Weller Street Pedestrian Bridge

Parking costs range between $5 - $25, depending on the event and how close you are to the stadiums. 

Some helpful links

bulletBus Transit Park & Ride
bulletPioneer Square Nice lay out of the area (stadiums)
bulletCity of Seattle  Good site, lot of information 
bulletMapquest Has street grids

Directions: From North and South of Seattle:   Map of Seattle
Outside City Limits:
Take I-5 exit marked Safeco Field (exit 164 from the north and 164B from the south) Follow the signs to Fourth Ave South and turn right. Turn right at the first light on to South Royal Brougham. Occidental runs north and south off of South Royal Brougham.

Inside City Limits:
From the north, follow Aurora Ave southbound to First Ave exit ramp (exits from left lane). Follow First Ave southbound to South Royal Brougham Way. Turn right from First Ave or left from Fourth Ave on to South Royal Brougham. From the south, turn right from First Ave or left from Fourth Ave onto Royal Brougham.

From the East:
Via Interstate 90:
Follow the signs to Fourth Ave South and turn right. Turn right on to South Royal Brougham way. Occidental Street runs north and south off of South Royal Brougham.

Via State Route 520:
Exit on to Interstate 5 southbound. Take exit 164. Follow signs to Fourth Ave South and turn right. Turn right on to South Royal Brougham.

The North Parking lot would be the most logical for tailgating, it is located North of Qwest field.  Anyone can enter, if they pay the fee and show up early enough to get a spot.  Don't expect to leave right away.  A lot of motor home will choose this lot.

There are parking garages to the South and the East of Qwest field, not recommended for tailgating.

You will find many locations for parking in privet lots and street parking.


The next best lot for tailgating is the End Zone Parking lot.  It does not cost $3.00, more like $25.00.

It it located on the West Side of Qwest field and runs parallel with the Alaskan Viaduct and 1st Avenue, you can enter form King street off of 1st Avenue.


Parking on Sunday is free for street parking, On Saturday games there are metered 2 hour street parking, or pay kiosk. They will ticket and they will tow if your in a high traffic area, or a complaint. The meters are from 9:00AM - 6:00PM.

There is some free street parking South and South East of Qwest field, these spots fill up real early, before 10:00 AM. You will find other pay lots as well, the farther away you get from Qwest, the cheaper the parking becomes. 



You can drink and cook up if you desire in the parking lots, not so much in and on any street parking.  You can not have any open containers walking around in public. If you park off site and are walking towards the stadium and want to join the two area parking lots at the End zone and the North parking lot where tailgaters gather -- in theory you could bring a bag of you favorite beverages and consume them there.  Just ask any of the tailgaters if you could join them, I'm sure they would all say, heck yeah, as long as you have the proper gear on.  Just look for a group that looks like fun. 

There are a lot of little pocket parking pay lots in and around Qwest, into China town and Pioneer Square.



Where to go clubbing?

There is a bar, restaurant and coffee shop on every street corner and several in between in the Pioneer Square district, North of Qwest field.  The only bar South is the Pyramid Ale House, West of Safeco field, all other activities would be North of the stadiums.

Most Popular spots would be:

F.X. McRory’s – J.M. Café – Triangle Pub – Sluggers – Larry’s – The Central – Cowgirls Inc. Tiki Bobs and King Street Bar.  Not in any real order here and there are so many other bars to choose from, but these come to mind as the most popular and colorful. 

 Check out this link, it will tell you everything you need to know about Pioneer Square.


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